A special Valentine's day multi-sensory

concert and fashion show

February 14, 2019


Chicago, IL

Sensory Musical Performance:

"Pictures at an Exhibition" 

An original duo version by Jeff Yang
for eight instruments

paired with gastronomic creations

visual art, and perfumes

Fashion Show:

"Chicago 1950's"
A carefully-curated selection of mid-century styles paired the whimsical designs of iconic Chicago

hat maker ,Bes-Ben

paired with original perfumes

and  Leonid Osseny's "Chicago" paintings

Sensory Artists:

Music: Jeff Yang and Lyudmila Lakisova

Fashion curator & producer: Julia Marchenko of

Rare Jule Vintage

Animations:  Galina Shevchenko & Liviu Pasare

Paintings: Leonid Osseny

Scent sculptures: Christophe Laudamiel of DreamAir & Bambi Montgomery of Hive Luxury Fragrances

Lithography: John Gaudette

DJ: "Dojo" Dominic Johnson


Fragrances distributed by Air/Aroma

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