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Thursday August 10, 2023 8:00PM

Beethoven and the Killer B's

Epiphany Center for the Arts
201 S. Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 

In the Realm of Senses presents the first ever fully-immersive comedy event featuring a performance of Beethoven's violin piano sonata followed by a live comedy skit paying homage to Beethoven's life and Belushi's comedy skits from the 70's, all paired to stunning visual projections, original scents, and live performances of songs that Beethoven would have written, including songs by Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Rolling Stones, A-Ha, James Brown, Chuck Berry, ABBA,and more!

Incredible video projection and animations realized by artificial intelligence will be part of the unique immersive set as well as six unique scents created for substances that Belushi would have enjoyed.  Come to an immersive experience like no other has ever created!

Tickets: $35 GA/$45 Hi-Top tables/$70 VIP tables

Josh Lava as Young Beethoven
Molly Callinan, Killer B
Kim Czarnopys, Killer B
Austin Tichenor, Old Beethoven
Cheryl Wilson, Killer B

Matt Agnew, cello
Josh Lava, piano
Steve Roberts, guitar
Jeff Yang, violin and viola

Visual Art:
Liviu Pasare

Ugo Charron
Kim Czarnopys

Scent sponsor: Mane USA & Wicked Good


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Visual Art
Olfactory Art


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