In the Realm of Senses engages diverse artists and audiences in musical events that arouse the senses and stimulate the imagination. Through collaboration with a wide variety of visual and performing artists, along with artisans such as perfumers and chefs, we devise unique experiences that synthesize music with sensations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. By amplifying the evocative power of the senses, we seek a more profound, more resonant response from artists and audiences alike. We desire to bring diverse groups together to discover, explore, and enjoy the arts in ways that inspire a deeper appreciation for our shared humanity.

Each artist in our productions represents a single sense. We then combine the works of two or more artists to create an installation that blends, as well as isolates, the senses. The result produces a heightened awareness of the showcased senses, revealing the profound effect each sense impresses upon the others. 

The participating artists represent talented and evocative creators from across the globe. Their mediums include visual art, music, dance, theatre, poetry, culinary arts, scent design, and architecture. As their work intertwines, the artists are challenged to diverge from their typical methods of creating and produce newly inspired masterpieces.


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