Conceptualized and created by violinist Jeff Yang, In The Realm of Senses is a sensory art project representing a symbiosis of artistic mediums that engage all of our five senses through music, visual art, gastronomy, olfactory art, literature, theater, and dance. Art in its many forms is an intrinsic element of our humanity and it differentiates us from other living beings on Earth. In The Realm of Senses explores our sensory perception of creative forces, and these creative forces then expand our perception of the larger world in which we exist.

Each artist in our productions represents a single sense. We then combine the works of two or more artists to create an installation that blends, as well as isolates, the senses. The result produces a heightened awareness of the showcased senses, revealing the profound effect each sense impresses upon the others. 

The participating artists represent talented and evocative creators from across the globe. Their mediums include visual art, music, dance, theatre, poetry, culinary arts, scent design, and architecture. As their work intertwines, the artists are challenged to diverge from their typical methods of creating and produce newly inspired masterpieces.


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