Visual and Literary Artists

Maja Bosen

Artist and dreamer, weaver of wax and pigments.

Galina Shevchenko

Moscow born multi-media artists specializing in immersive video environments.

Liviu Pasare

Projections designer, cinematographer,, animator, and producer of multi-media experiences.

Stacey Carlton

Botanical artist, educator, consultant, designer, writer, and product developer.

Sergio Gomez

Visual artist, curator, and entrepreneur from Mexico.

Azadeh Hussaini

Iranian-American visual artist of multiple mediums and art curator and educator

Kioto Aoki

Conceptual photographer and filmmaker.

Christine Thomas Tsen

Poet and cellist who finds inspiration in nature and the human connection.

Margarita Fainshtein

Internationally exhibited, Ukrainian-born artist trained in Israel and The School of Art Institute of Chicago, currently living in Halifax. margaritas.sp

Alan Muraoka

Producer, set designer and art director with two Emmy and three Art Director's Guild nominations.

Erwin Overes

Netherlands born wood sculptor with background in interior design.

Performing Artists

Access Contemporary Music

International collective of composers and performers advocating new classical music in various forms.

Eighth Blackbird

Dynamic Chicago based four-time Grammy winning contemporary classical ensemble.

Spektral Quartet

Chicago based, Grammy nominated string quartet known for innovative programming and vibrant performances.

Ryan Ingebritsen

Composer, sound designer, sound artist, electronic musician crossing into multiple disciplines.​​

Kyong Mee Choi

Composer, organist, painter, poet, and visual artist, head of composition at Roosevelt University in Chicago.​​​​

Amos Gillespie

Composer and saxophonist spanning many genres from jazz, film, theater, and dance.​​

Yana Reznik

Moscow born pianist, producer, host, entrepreneur .

Lyudmila Lakisova

Chicago based pianist, soloist, and chamber musician from Minsk, Belarus

Imaginative ensemble exploring cross-genre collaborations, deliverer of the unexpected.

Culinary Artists

Arun's Thai is the quintessential upscale Thai restaurant in Chicago, a fine balance between classic and contemporary, food and art.

Marisa Paolillo takes an original and flavorful approach on many regions of traditional Indian food.

Unique collective of gastronomy, cocktail creations, wines, and art .

The first Michelin starred brewpub, rooted in the Bohemian spirit of collective ingenuity.

​​Small artisanal cholatier with a nod to France and Spain, infusing French culinary training with South Asian heritage.

Vibrant, authentic Indonesian street food with a creative twist.

San Francisco native Kevin Schuder's diverse and all vegan eatery.

Scent Artists

Christophe Laudamiel

An award winning master perfumer and scent sculptor known for his avant-garde olfactory explorations.

Ralf Schwieger

A  chemist and aesthetic designer of fragrances from Germany, trained in southern France, and currently based in New York City.

Victoria Frolova

A writer and fragrance expert. A creator of aromas and scent images.

Bambi Montgomery

Atmosphere curator, perfumer. visionary, artful synesthetes, and Queen of the HIVE brand.

About the Creator

Jeff Yang is the creator of In The Realm of Senses, an idea he has had for over a decade. Jeff is a violinist born in Taiwan and originally from Seattle who came  to Chicago to study music at Northwestern and DePaul Universities. With degrees in both music and industrial engineering, he has always strived to find a balance between the arts and the sciences.


Yang was a member of the  Mannheim Steamroller and Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues bands for over ten years. He has also served as concertmaster for New Millennium Orchestra in Chicago, Emerald City Orchestra in Seattle, Spoleto Festival in Italy, and National Repertory Orchestra in Colorado. Yang has appeared in numerous PBS Sound Stage recordings with artists such Jewel, Faith HIll, Peter Cetera, Dennis DeYoung, Lyle Lovett, and has performed in live concerts with Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Bernadette Peters, and various other artists.  


Currently, Yang is the owner of Chicago Strings violin shop in Evanston where he deals fine instruments and helps professional musicians through his expertise.  He is a current member Chicago Philharmonic, Skokie Valley Symphony, and can be often seen with Grant Park Symphony and various ensembles throughout Chicago.

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