"The experience of beauty through the engagement of our sense of sound, smell, sight and taste blended together in one cohesive performance piece was unparalleled."

- Third Coast Review, Pictures At An Exhibition 10/8/19

"This remarkable presentation represented 'a unique multi-sensory performance.' Jeff Yang arranged and reinvented this classical music gem . . for eight instruments, 7 played by Yang himself"

- Splash Magazine, Pictures At An Exhibition 2/24/20

"In The Realm of Senses EXCITES . . . Everything was crafted with such intentionality and precision, which made for something truly special." 

- Picture This Post, Pictures At An Exhibition 10/8/19

"In the Realm of Senses events will especially appeal to foodies and wine aficionados, with a deep appreciation for music" 

- Picture This Post, Beethoven 250: Band of Bohemia