In The Realm of Senses EXCITES!

....the most exciting part was the way the food was incorporated into the orchestral repertoire. Yang warmly advised the audience to follow along with the program, as four food items had been meticulously placed in between each song, and was supposed to be eaten with the music. Immediately you could feel the energy of the room shift.  We were now a more present group exploring the full range of Yang’s creation. Mouths took bites in unison of a dark chocolate brownie with caramel drizzle during the tunes of playful notes. A strong perfume scent of nostalgia and curiosity was interjected in the air.   It was not overbearing but rather subtle like the hint of sea salt delicately sprinkled on the brownies caramel drizzle.

Everything was crafted with such intentionality and precision, which made for something truly special. Like this writer, you too would likely feel it was an opportunity to fully indulge in all the senses, in order to fully experience a masterful work of art.