In The Realm Of Senses’s inaugural event featuring a unique experiential sensory exhibition of over 25 artists in 3500 square feet of art space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, curated by ITROS creator, Jeff Yang.  Musicians, visual artists, perfumers, chefs, bartenders, DJ’s, set designers, filmmakers, and poets created five unique sensory exhibitions based on the elements: air, earth, water, fire, and metal.  

Air: Experiential space with designed art installations, original film, a unique play of scents and colors, poetry, with explorations of light and shadows.

Earth: Sculptures and artwork paired with two original perfumes and food creations.

Water:  An experiential space with visual projections of water flowing through space paired to original music and cocktails by an award-winning bar.

Fire: Dining experience in the dark, with amazing textured food, chocolate with original live jazz, and unique perfumery.

Metal:  Live creation of graffiti art paired with a live performance of percussion and strings, DJ’s, art installations, and scent by a master perfumer.